ARM has recently created a new D11 Dozer cutting edge (patented) - with 50% more wear material. This new option is currently available for standard D11's - and is available with a 10,000 hour wear life and cost per hour gaurantee**. (**conditions apply) ..
Earlier this month the ARM factory successfully completed the repair of a Callide 8750 Rope Socket. After one complete life cycle the surface around the bush is only worn 2.5mm. This reduced wear of the rope socket is due to a NEW rebuild process and new alloy being used by ARM.   ..
These new ARM60-16M grader blades are manufacured with a NEW HF alloy – that is around 60Rc Hardness.   The blades are purpose built for iron ore haul road maintenance applications.   ARM is seeking R&D test (mine) sites in order to quantify the operating cost per hour, the wear life equation and ultimately the life cycle cost savings compared to conventional edges.   ..